Free analysis in our own lab*

A systematic analysis of the symptoms starts, checking and determining failures in your data carrier (hard drive, mobile, flash memory, RAID system, etc...). For this we need your media device of course.

* Only if the harddrive was not in another datarecovery lab. For a second opinion we demand a non-refundable cost of 200€. This will be deducted from the final invoice if the recovery is possible and accepted.

Competitive price estimate

After that we make an estimate for the recovery of your lost data. This estimate will be sent to you via e-mail so no time is lost. The estimate takes into account the degree of difficulty and the desired urgency in a time frame execution.

Start of the data recovering

Once we receive your approval, we start the data recovery process. All physical manipulations on the hard drive HDA (Head and Disk Assembly) are done in a class 100 environment by top specialized engineers from all around the world. We manage to get temporary access to your data using state-of-the-art equipment.

Backup of the data to a new data carrier

With the HDD/mobile/flash memory accessible, data will be transferred to a new device to prevent further damage then we make a list of all the files we recovered and e-mail it to the customer, who can verify if the recovered files are indeed the ones needed.

Transfer of your recovered data

You receive your data on a new hard disk, could be one delivered by the customer or bought from us. We keep your data in our servers until we are sure you checked the files yourself. Then, we immediately delete your data from our servers.